When does the season start?
Officially,  practices start August 1st of the year.  During the summer months prior to the start of school,  there may be 2, 3 or 4 practices a week generally starting at 6:00 PM and running for approximately one and one half to two hours.
(be sure the child has plenty of water or other drink on hand.)

When do Games Start?
Games begin early September mostly on Sunday, and maybe a Saturday or Friday night game. (Night games are fun)

Do I have to purchase any equipment for my child?
The organization supplies your child with the following football equipment:  Shoulder Pads,  Padded Pants, Practice Jersey,Home Jersey, Away Jersey,  game socks  and mouth piece.
You will need to purchase a  Helmet, football “Girdle”  or athletic supporter for the cup for your child which must be worn at every practice and game.
Typically a 5 pocket girdle is suitable.

Your child will be required to wear shoes of the type known as “all purpose” wherein the CLEAT is cylindrical in shape and an integral part of the shoe (molded plastic or rubber),  or those known as “Athletic Sneakers.”  Screw in cleats are specifically PROHIBITED.


The Franklin Square Warriors 
Our organization exists to provide wholesome, educational and recreational sports, based on a program aimed at improving the quality of life within the community. 

It is the mission of the Franklin Square Warriors to provide an educational experience in self discipline, self sacrifice, courage, hard work and commitment in doing everything with excellence. 
The Franklin Square Warriors board members along with the coaches will do their very best to provide our community with a program that can be the pride of Franklin Square and to develop productive citizens who have learned valuable lessons of life through athletic competition.
How long is the Season?
The regular playing season is 8 games (4 home games and 4 away games) 
There may be 1 or 2 bye weeks in the schedule.
(You are responsible for your own transportation to and from the away games)

What if my child has never played football before?
Everyone has to begin sometime.  We accept new players at all age levels.  Our coaches make every effort to make all the players feel welcome and learn the game to their potential.  

Are face shields permitted?
Yes. A CLEAR faceshield may be worn by any player for any NCYFL contest.
Tinted Faceshields are prohibited.
Clear goggles/safety glasses may be worn by any player, however, they may be tinted only if the lenses are transitional and are able to change to clear.

Refund Policy?
Refunds will only be issued prior to August 1st (Prior to the first practice date.)  After that time, refunds will be considered on a case by case basis with legitimate documented reasons.  For example:  Medical reasons,  family emergencies etc.

What is the mailing address for all forms or paperwork?
Franklin Square Warriors, P.O. Box 59,  Franklin Square,  NY  11010
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